Fox & Unit9 presents


A digital experience to become a spy

Role Designer    Art Direction by Craig Parkinson
Agency Unit9     Client 2oth Century Fox     Year 2015

A double screen experience

20th Century Fox partnered with UNIT9 to make a digital experience, creating excitement around the spy movie Kingsman: The Secret service before it’s release in cinemas.

You start the experience on our interactive site by connecting your smartphone to a desktop and using it to control the action happening on the larger screen. Using touch and swipe action and a virtual compass to control the outcome of missions, you have the opportunity to prove your skills as a potential Kingsman agent.

The following are a couple of screens I worked on as a designer.

Wallpapers to download

In addition to the mission,  you can unlock film information, watch the trailer, and download custom-made wallpapers from the site. I worked on the design of this wallpapers for desktop and mobile.

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