Huge presents

Clive Christian

The world’s most expensive perfume

Role Designer    Art Direction by Aude Degrassat
Agency Huge     Client Clive Christian     Year 2016

A responsive e-commerce platform for luxury fragrances

Clive Christian is a British luxury interiors and fragrance company. Huge has been given the opportunity to imagine and produce its perfume e-commerce experience. Clive Christian is a brand with a unique heritage. It became the custodian of The Crown Perfumery Company, first established in 1872, the only house ever to have been granted the image of Queen Victoria’s crown. Clive Christian is also known to have in its collection, the world’s most expensive perfume, made from all the best ingredients in the world.

Part of the design team (composed of 1 art director and 2 visual designers), I worked on the production of this luxury e-commerce platform. This project was a great mix between crafting a beautiful visual identity and finding UI solutions for a user-friendly shopping experience.

The following mock-ups show the homepage introducing the 2 collections of perfumes and the detailed product page, composed of different modules adaptable to every product.

We designed article pages, composed of different modules. The modules can be changed for each articles in the back-end.